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Turbans on his table - Will Nitin Gadkari explain this, Please?


Some photographs of Mr. Nitin Gadkari, the National president of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) which is an ally of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) are doing rounds on the Face Book.

As the photographs create confusion and have hurt the sentiments of Sikhs, we have downloaded these three photographs. These seem to be of the same location, the same office, the same day, the same time and almost same situation.

Two of the three photographs show Gadkari seated at the ‘Boss Chair’ of an Office, while some Sikh gentlemen seem to be sitting opposite him on ‘Visitors Chairs’.  In one photograph the face of one Sikh gentleman (with a patka over his head) is more than visible and he can be easily recognized while in the other photograph one more Sikh gentleman sitting opposite can be identified.

Strangely three Sikh Turbans are lying on the table behind which Gadkari is occupying the chair.  In one photograph, a Sikh whose face is blurred in the picture posted on Face Book, is seen standing next to Gadkari and is about to place one of the turbans on the table.

These photographs have raised many questions which remain unanswered. Unhealthy comments are being passed in this regard on Face Book.
A political group has said that the photographs have been clicked by someone while Gadkari was in Delhi at someone’s office.  

This political group has alleged that the Sikhs sitting with Gadkari belong to a particular political party and the turbans have been placed before Gadkari just to appease him to get political favours from him.

Even as veracity of this allegation remains unsubstantiated the questions still haunt those who have seen the pictures.

Whether Gadkari is in BJP office or in some private office?

Who are the gentlemen visible in the photographs and who else were present there?

Why three turbans have been placed on the Office Table where Gadkari was supposed to sit and is sitting?

Whose turbans these are and why they are on the table, before Gadkari, instead on being on their heads?

As these questions need to be answered the question that should have been on the top of my list is ‘Are these photographs doctored or morphed?’

As we hold Nitin Gadkari in high esteem because of him being a serious, visionary and respected leader having a clean record as yet, besides being the National President of a major political party, the BJP, we hope that he will definitely come forward to explain all this to clear the air.

If these photographs are not genuine then a proper enquiry is needed to expose the mischievous elements, not only before the society but also before the law as culprits of a serious crime who have not only tried to hurt the sentiments of Sikhs but also to create a schism in the society.

Over to Mr. Gadkari.

H S Bawa
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
April 1, 2012.