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An open letter to Pratibha Devi Singh Patil, the President of India

No you have not done anything wrong Madam and you have not committed any act of impropriety but still I don’t know, why I wish, people occupying such high offices should lead by example, be an example and when they quit their office, they should be remembered for their exemplary deeds.

May I hope that I stand a chance to be excused if I wish that people sitting on chairs as high as that of a President and a Prime Minister should represent the country they belong to and use all the resources at their command for the welfare of the people of the country more so if the majority of the population of the country happens to be undernourished, underfed, undereducated and is blessed with a label of being underprivileged.

I feel that it is sheer blessing of the Almighty that one gets to adorn such thrones and one should take the opportunity by the leap to pay back to the Almighty by doing a yeoman’s service for the people of the country, for the people of the GOD Himself.

‘This is an ornamental post, a rubber stamp actually’, that is what they say about the post of President but may I remind you that in recent times your immediate predecessor Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam chose to be different, chose to be innovative, down to earth, inspiring, motivating and emerged as a leader who sought to lead by example. He took the post of President of India to newer heights and raised its pedestal.

Reading crafted speeches and addressing convocations with stereo-type addresses is not the only thing what Indian people expect from their President or even for that matter the Prime Minister.

Somebody argues with me that Rs. 205 crore is not a big sum for the foreign junkets of a President of India. I wish I would have agreed with him had he been able to tell me what good these foreign trips brought along, what ideas were brought home and how the country and its people benefitted from all this.

This country is changing Madam and a changing country needs leaders who can lead the charge for the change. I have not lost hope and don’t want to lose it.
So, Hon’ble President, be my hope, be the hope of the country you live in, the country you represent, the country which has given you an opportunity to rise to this august office of the President of India.

More than 120 million Indians need someone to look up to. So, be their hope, be their motivation, be their inspiration and lead them like a leader, lead them by example because it’s your country and because it is your responsibility.

With deepest regards,
Yours sincerely,


H S Bawa
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(One, representing many of the 120 million Indians)
March 26, 2012.

-A Yes Punjab Editorial

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