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I admire Nirmal Baba, any Objections ?


 Yes Punjab Editorial



    H S Bawa
    I admire Nirmal Baba, any Objections ?



I admire Nirmal Baba. Yes, I admire Nirmal Baba. Any objections ?

Those who are criticizing him are exercising their freedom and I am exercising mine. I really love this Baba.

He, actually is the true representative of Babas who have told India how easy this was to have a cure of any of our ailments, solution to any problem on the earth and how to be moderately rich, rich or super-rich. This man has told us how to be happy, happier and the happiest.

But hold on, this is not what I admire him for.

I admire this man because in this land of Rishis, Munis and Gurus, he represents hundreds and thousands of Babas, who don’t know anything about the religion, cannot and do not preach religion but are followed religiously, and mind it are followed so religiously, that writing a column against any of these Babas may invite the wrath of one or any number of their devotees.

As I write this piece, I cling on to my stand that I admire Nirmal Baba. I admire him because he is the man who has told the nation that ‘religion’ is a commodity which can be sold for a price to the people who already have their Rishis, Munis, Peers, Paigambars and Gurus but with the passage of time have lost faith in them.

Yes, we have lost faith in our GOD because we are a nation in a hurry. We don’t have time to talk to GOD. In this era of ATM and online transactions, as we look for instant coffee, instant soup, instant noodles and instant pasta we are looking for instant solutions to all our problems. I think that’s why schemes like if you don’t get your pizza within half an hour of your order, it will be delivered free, get clicked. And if you want to have something to eat really fast, you have to go to a fast food corner. It’s the same here. If you want to have instant solutions, you have to have an instant Baba to follow. We just want everything with a swipe of a card, don’t we?
Nirmal Baba is instant ‘godman’ with very simple solutions.

‘Make it as simple as possible’. This was the mantra given to me by my school going son, when I launched this website. I think Nirmal Baba also had an advisor who thought like my son.

‘Make it as simple as possible’ and what can be simpler than the solutions offered by Nirmal Baba. Though these looked funny but the solutions he offered were very simple, affordable, really cost effective and easy to do.

But even these are not the only points I admire Nirmal Baba for.

Don’t you think that these Ambanis, Tatas, Premjis and just other corporate big-wigs need to learn a lesson from what this Baba has done?

They raised factories, installed units, made offices, manufactured products, offered services and then thought of making millions.  What a tedious process. That’s why a lethargic like me never ever wanted to be high-profile head of a corporate.

I wish to ridicule the very people who are criticizing or ridiculing Nirmal Baba, the man I admire.

This man has taught India how money can be minted by selling nothing. He manufactured nothing, offered no services but still managed to do business in the name of religion and sufferings of people.  

Here is a man who has told us about the power of marketing. With his marketing skills and with his advertisement blitzkrieg this man sold ‘nothing’ to the people in India and most of them well-educated and well-placed.

I admire this man selling ‘NOTHING’ for a price.

I remember him correcting the anchor of a private TV channel that his annual ‘Turnover’ was not 80 or something but 240 crore.

I admire this man for selling ‘godly blessings’ for a price and that too in a funny way.

I think even the GOD would be happy to know that to the people, who had lost faith in HIM, though HE was doing everything free for these people, someone has actually sold HIS ‘blessings’ for a price.

Does this in any way reflect on the qualities and capabilities of Nirmal Baba?

No, it reflects on the mindset of those people who were there to be befooled, not for free, for a price.

Sorry to have said so but still those people are entitled to what they think about their Baba, how they worship him and how they see a GOD in this self-styled, funny and ridiculous ‘godman’. I still feel that these people are entitled to their views, their view point and their faith.

All of us get what we deserve.  They deserved not the GOD but a Nirmal Baba and they have got one. 


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