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His name is KHAN, My name is SINGH

ShahRukhKhan HSBawa

Yes Punjab Editorial
H S Bawa

His name is Khan, My name is Singh. Yeah, his name is Shahrukh Khan and my name is Harmohinder Singh Bawa.

I know that no parallels can be drawn between the two of us but still feel that there are more than one which can be.

No parallels can be drawn because he is the superstar of Bollywood and I am a Journalist working in Punjab for the last 15 years and now editor-owner at this website yespunjab.com.

Parallels still can be drawn as he is human, so am I.  Both of us are Indians. Both of us belong to what they call minority communities in India and at the top of all these both of us have certain problems because of our surnames, Khan and Singh.

Today is 13th of April, the day of Visakhi, the Khalsa Sajna Divas (The Birth day of Khalsa). Today I am happy because it is Viaskhi, a sacred day for the Sikhs.


Today I am sad and today I am happy. One actually can be both sad and happy at the same time. If you don’t believe it, I am just ready to unfold why I am sad and why I am happy at the same time.

I am sad because dear Shahrukh once again had to undergo an unusual, unpredictable and unwanted behavior of the officials at New York Airport. Repeat of a trauma for Shahrukh, a second-take of humiliation in the same country by the same people and the people who boast of the best intelligence agencies and services in their country. and that just because ‘his name is Khan’.

I am happy because India has reacted and asked for an apology for the treatment meted out to Shahrukh Khan. Reportedly India has said that if US does not seek an apology the relations between the US and India may get affected. Quite a big statement.

The behavior of the US Airport Officials with Shahrukh makes me sad while the reaction of India makes me happy but it ultimately still leaves me sad. You can definitely ask, why and how? And my answer is because ‘My name is Singh’.

While I appreciate Indian Government’s new-found attitude of reacting to protect the honor and dignity of its citizens but I still have my concerns intact and that is because ‘my name is Singh’.

I am fond of travelling, though my life has not given me an opportunity to travel a lot. I have not been to any place outside India but like most of the people I would love to see the world before the God makes me quit.

But as an aware media man, I shudder at the thought of going to some countries. Countries which claim to be super powers, advanced, developed, secular, multicultural, the champions of human rights or whatever good terms you can think of.(...contd.)

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