9:35 pm : 27.May.2016

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Worried about the safety and dignity of Police in Punjab (With Video)


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The Police are meant to protect the public from unwanted elements anywhere anytime. People look up to the Police for their safety but the Money Power and Political Clout have emboldened the criminals so much that even the Police does not seem to be safe.

This not only makes us worried about our safety but even the safety of Police. Punjab Police have to do some serious thinking to get over this phenomenon.


A man, yet unidentified thrashed  a Head Constable of Punjab Police at Jalandhar in full public view and got away with it.


The SHO of the area, when contacted by Media, taking the incident casually, said that no complaint has been received as such.

The incident happened on 2nd of April, 2012 when the Head Constable and the man accompanying him were standing on a Dhaba near the General Bus Stand of Jalandhar, one of the busiest places in the city.

Reportedly, both were drunk. But it is really shocking to see a high headed man beating a Punjab Police Head Constable in full public view, disgrace his uniform and his Turban.


Even more shocking is the reaction of the policeman who with folded hands begs to be let off and didn’t care to report the matter to his seniors immediately.

This is the type of fear even Policemen have when it comes to the might of goons having money and political backing in Punjab.

Really worried about the dignity and safety of Police in Punjab, because we will be safe if our protectors remain safe.

H S Bawa
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