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AISSF welcomes Obama's statement on importance of religious freedom

Karnail-S-Peermohammad-ProfileChandigarh January 28, 2015 (Yes Punjab News)

The all India Sikh student federation welcomed the statement of Barack Obama President of the United States of America issued before his departure from Delhi suggesting that his country could be the best partner while under scoring the importance of religious freedom of tolerance for country ‘s success citing the Indian constitution on the right to freedom of religion.


Karnail Singh Peermohammad President All India Sikh Students Federation said here today that according to Obama article 25 of the Indian Constitution says that all people are equally entitled to the freedom of conscience and have the right to freely profess and practice and propagate the religion. He said that every person has the right to practice his faith without any persecution , fear or discrimination.


Federation president  also welcomed Obama’s assertion over 'Ghar Wapsi' program run by RSS as also complaints of attack on church when he said that we have seen intolerance , violence and terrorist perpetrated by those who profess to be standing for upholding their  faith.


AISSF President said that federation's online "Sikhs are not Hindus" petition which had 125,022 Signatures and Obama’s assertion justified federation petition demanding justice to Sikhs by taking up the issue with Modi.


Federation President Karnail Singh Peermohammad appealed to Delhi Sikh Voters that Obama’s assertion awakened and must read his message and they must get up and march against the corruption of both congress and BJP.

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