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Neutralize mavericks to neutralize hate : Dal Khalsa to US


Amritsar, August 9 (YP Bureau)

Dal Khalsa has written to US Ambassador Ms. Nancy Powell acknowledging the massive positive response of American society to the killing of 6 innocent Sikhs at the hands of a maverick who acted Satan in Oak Creek, Milwaukee.
Recognizing US diplomat’s personal intervention at Gurdwara Bangla Sahib in less than 24 hours of the ghastly crime, party’s spokesperson Kanwar Pal Singh in a communiqué faxed to US Embassy in New Delhi said as their community worldwide showed solidarity in sorrow, “your government and President Barack Obama has demonstrated unique wisdom in putting together a response and by ordering the US flag to fly half mast till 10 August”.
Looking for more drastic measures to stop recurrence of such incidentsin future, he said the Sikh community hopes and prays that this will be a one off incident, even though it is taking stock of hundreds of others that happened since 9/11. “We however, believe that this incident, particularly now after FBI statement that the killer actually killed himself, is symptomatic of a much deeper insanity that is lurking on US soil”.
The letter reads, “we have no doubts that the sentiments and emotions of these vendors of hate is not commonplace, but we do believe that while US tackles anti-humanitarian forces worldwide, it is time to look within also, recognise such elements and neutralise them, before they spread their tentacles of hate beyond the shores of the US.
Dal Khalsa letter has also asked the US diplomat to ignore the photogenic protests in an unhealthy manner by a handful of Sikhs in Delhi, as they are in no way representatives of the community, but belong to groups who are assigned these tasks by the powers that be.


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