11:23 am : 28.May.2016

Gurdwara shooting: Subject down! Subject down!, yelled cop

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Police radio dispatches show the tension that build up when a man opened fire, killing six people at a gurdwara in a Milwaukee suburb. The gunman was shot dead.


The shooting took place at the gurdwara in Oak Creek and the radio traffic was captured at a website called Radio Reference, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.


The first report that came in at 10:27 a.m. was of "an altercation".


The dispatcher said: "There is a lot of noise and I am unable to get much info."


Barely a minute later, the dispatcher added: "A bald man with glasses may have shot someone. I am going to dispatch fire department."


Three minutes after the initial dispatch, an officer said: "Give me an ambulance."


A few minutes later, an officer said there was a man with a gun in a white T-shirt with gunshots being heard in the background.


As an officer told the dispatcher they need mutual aid, a female officer followed up, saying she is approaching the subject who is not moving.


"Subject down! Subject down! We have one officer shot," screamed another officer.


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