4:07 am : 26.May.2016

Firing in US Gurdwara raises serious question on security of Sikhs : Jakhar

Sunil.jakhar Chandigarh, August 6 (YP Bureau)
The shooting at Oak Creek Gurdwara, south of Wisconsin’s biggest city Milwaukee, in USA is an unfortunate and tragic incident. It has shocked peace loving Punjabi’s throughout the world.

Punjab congress condemns this attack in unequivocal terms and sympathizes with the families who have lost their near and dear ones in this unfortunate incident.

It’s unfortunate that Gurudwara a place of worship and peace seeking has been targeted which has left six dead and more than twenty worshipers injured. Sikhs have enriched socio economic life of America and have become part of American lifeline. However occasional reports of Sikhs being targeted for mistaken identity keep emanating, which raises serious question on security of Sikhs living across the world.

Some initial reports here too are pointer towards this fact of mistaken identity, if confirmed must be addressed through proper and sustained media campaign. SGPC must rise to the occasion and must address to the global issues of Sikh identity.

As Chief Minister of Punjab S.Parkash Singh Badal is on private tour to USA, I will urge him to meet the families of victims and assuage their pain of irreparable loss. He should also try to meet law enforcing agencies to ensure security and safety of Gurudwara’s in USA so that such tragic incidents do not reoccur.

Punjab Congress condemns this incident and expresses heartfelt condolences for the departed lives. It shares pain and agony of the families who have lost their loved ones. PPCC will soon be meeting the PM and the Foreign affairs minister of India to ensure safety and security of Sikh’s and their Gurudwara’s on all foreign lands.