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Not satisfied with Kuldip Nayar's apology KAC to hold meeting as scheduled

Kuldip Nayar Beyond The Lines
Amritsar, July 17 (YP Bureau)
A meeting called by Khalsa Action Committee to discuss the controversy about Kuldip Nayar’s autobiography ‘Beyond the Lines’ shall be held as scheduled.

The KAC had called a meeting of Sikh Organisations and personalities on 20th of July at Bhai Gurdas Hall, Amritsar to discuss the issue of vilified propaganda against Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Sikh Students Federation leader Bhai Amrik Singh and the Sikh radical group Dal Khalsa.

Renewing and reaffirming his call for the meeting, Bhai Mohkam Singh convener of Khalsa Action Committee today said that earlier the meeting was to discuss only the controversial and highly objectionable portions of the book but now the apology tendered by Kuldip Nayar would also be on the agenda of the meeting.

Bhai Mohkam Singh said that the apology tendered is not sufficient to assuage the feelings hurt by Nayar’s book and as such needs to be discussed threadbare.

Bhai Mohkam Singh hopes that the representatives of panthic organizations and Sikh intellectuals would participate in the meeting.

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