3:32 am : 28.May.2016

Kashmir Sikh bodies take the lead – tell politicians to stay away from Gurudwaras

nishan sahibSrinagar, July 6 (YP Bureau)

Kashmir Sikh bodies have taken the lead to openly express their views about visits of politicians in Gurudwaras, especially on religiously important days. The Sikh bodies have said that the visits of politicians disturb the ‘Sikh Sangat’ as security is beefed up in and around Gurudwaras because of the visit of VIPs and VVIPs. These bodies have also criticized Sikh leaders for allowing use of religious ceremonies for political lectures for their personal benefits.


A ‘Greater Kashmir’ report said that a day after Chief Minister Omar Abdullah addressed Sikh devotees at Chattipadshahi here on the eve of 417th birth anniversary of Guru Hargobind Ji, various Sikh organizations Friday criticized visit of politicians to Gurduwaras in view of the “security hassles.”

 In a statement here, some of the prominent Sikh organizations have also criticized Sikh leaders for “allowing use of religious ceremonies for political lectures for their personal benefits.”

 “The Sikh devotees went to Gurudwara Chattipadshahi for celebrating the auspicious occasion and listening religious hymns but the stage turned into a political gathering where all the Sikh devotees were subjected to security harassment due to the CM’s security,” they said.

The J&K Sikh Welfare Association President Bhupinder Singh (Pappu) said: “We respect political interests but turning the religious function into a political function is injustice towards Sikh Sangat. National Conference hasn’t done anything for our youth but only exploited our vote bank.”

 The Sikh Student Federation (MEHTA) Provincial President Sardar Rajinder Singh has criticized National Conference and the stage organizer for turning religious function into political function which has upset all the Sikhs devotees.

 ASPCC Chairman Jagmohan Singh Raina said. “No doubt the political area is also important but not at the cost of our Hazuri Raagies (Highest level of priests) who were kept waiting. This has not only annoyed the devotees but the Raagies too which is matter of concern for all Sikhs.”

 “It should be very clear that Sikhs are not with any particular political group which the so-called Sikh leader has claimed at the religious function,” Raina said.

 Sikh Scholar Daleep Singh Deepak said politicians should desist from attending the religious functions as devotees come for prayers and not for political lectures.

 “It was for first time in 20 years when women and children were frisked at the Gurdwara due to the political show instead of the religious function.”


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