12:41 am : 23.Mar.2019
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Congress wants to free convicted and save those who are facing Sikh Genocide cases: Sirsa

Manjinder Singh SirsaNew Delhi, January 17, 2019 (Yes Punjab News)

The Shiromani Akali Dal MLA and National Spokesman of the party Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa today said that the Congress party wants to get its leaders freed from the jail who have been convicted in 1984 sikh genocide cases and simultaneously wants to save those from conviction who are facing cases related with the genocide.


In a statement released here today, Mr. Sirsa said that Congress is urging the people to vote for the party symbol ‘hand’ only to use this force of hand to free those who are now behind the bars after being convicted by the courts and even save those who are facing trials and  if voted to power it will use the same force which the High Court has mentioned in its detailed order on why for 34 years Sikhs failed to get jusitice.


Mr. Sirsa said that Congress never promoted a  Sikh leader in Delhi because it was aware that Sikhs still feel the pain and agony of the 1984 and promoting a sikh leaders will lead to unmask its leaders Sajjan Kumar, Jagdish Tytler and Kamalnath and others who were deputed to carry on the massacre and finish the Sikhs from the country. He said that now Congress is desperate to get power at the Centre only to carry on its agenda of saving its leaders from conviction and from being sent to jails.


The SAD leader also said that the AAP is also on same page with the Congress on the 1984 sikh genocide issue because its failed to nominate any sikh for the Rajya Sabha to stop this issue from being raised in Parliament. Not only this it also did not made any sikh leader minister in the Kejriwal cabinet only to appease the Congress party. He said that now both the parties having common agenda of being anti sikh are  on the verge of formalizing their alliance before the people.


He also said that though both have adopted the anti sikh agenda, sikh community has decided to teach both these parties a lesson and whole community is standing with the NDA like a rock because it is only due to NDA government that guilty like Sajjan Kumar have been sent to jail after 34 years of struggle.

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