5:16 pm : 24.May.2016

UNITED SIKHS for inclusion of Sikhism in US school curriculum

UnitedSikhsLogoAmritsar, August 27 (YP Bureau)
UNITED SIKHS, a Sikh NGO,  has begun a drive for inclusion of Sikhism in school curriculum in California, USA.

Kashmir Singh, Director, community education and empowerment division said that the organization has urged the Sikhs living in California to sign the petition and send letters of support to governorJerry Brown, to sign bill SB1540 which required the California State Board of Education to consider the adoption of a revised history-social science framework. The draft framework includes information about Sikhs in seven distinct areas, he said.

Kashmir Singh said that when completed, this will become an important tool which will be used in all California schools to increase awareness and knowledge about Sikhism and its followers.

He said that the move was initiated in the light of recent Wisconsin tragedy and the concerns that the Sikh community has been facing since 9/11.
The only remaining action is that the governor has to to sign it as the bill has been passed in legislature, he added.