9:18 am : 29.May.2016

UK, European Countries urged not to deport Afghan Sikhs, Hindus



London, June 27 (YP Bureau)


Leaders of various communities have urged UK and other European Countries not to deport Afghan Sikhs, Hindus and a sect of Muslims to Afghanistan as their life and property would be under threat, if deported.


Joint action by UK and Netherlands based individuals and organizations has resulted in a Dutch Judge putting the extradition of an Afghan Sikh family on hold but the job is not finished as an Afghan Sikh Family in Tienen, Vlaams-Brabant is equally under threat and its extradition has only been put on hold.


A community leader told that joint action by Afghan family, all Dutch and UK Sikh Institutions and of course by Waheguru's grace, the deportation of an Afghan Sikh family (mother (36), daughter (19), son (13) and daughter (9) to Afghanistan has been stopped temporarily.


He said that they were informed late Friday afternoon, 22 June 2012 about the fact that the Sikh family would be deported on 25th of June 2012 at 11.30 am. “Through this joint effort, Ardas of Sangat and Media attention, we have prevented a humanitarian disaster and crisis as the Judge ruled Monday morning that the eviction has been put on stop for the time being”, he said.

Various community leaders talking on the subject said, “We have to come to a situation where no country will even consider extradition to Afghanistan of members of minority communities and will think very seriously about extraditing even Sunni Muslim Pathaan, which is as near to being a member of a 'majority community' as you can get in ethnically diverse Afghanistan”.

Pritpal Singh, a community leader involved in campaign for safety of Afghan Sikhs, Hindus and Sunni Muslim Pathans informed that an emergency crisis appeal in the context was made live from Gurudwara Guru Nanak Darbar, Southall in West London on a UK based satellite TV Station ‘Sikh Channel’.  

“Afghanistan is not a safe country for anybody, Afghanistan is a country where all women are under threat and Afghanistan is a country where followers of minority religions are increasingly under threat as the government of president Karzai is moving closer to Taliban type attitudes in order to achieve an agreement with at least part of the Taliban leadership”, alleged a community leader.


The community leaders have decided to lobby MPs and MEPS together with all NGOs to put the case forward as Afghanistan remains unstable and just last week a bomb exploded in the capital Kabul.