10:00 am : 27.May.2016

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‘United Siikhs’ honored for opening a Water Treatment Plant in Haiti


Jalandhar, June 14 (HS Bawa)

In its continuous efforts to rebuild and rehabilitate Haiti and provide humanitarian relief in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, UNITED SIKHS, an NGO opened a water treatment plant.

This was informed by Gurvinder Singh, a director of United Sikhs.

The plant provides clean drinking water, by a reverse osmosis system process to over 5000 Haitians on a daily basis. The project is an effort to address the severity of a cholera epidemic and other water related illnesses that cause sickness, death and destabilize a nation.

"It is an honor to meet such a great organization that brings the first water plant to Aux Cayes. Hope you will continue working with us. We need hospitals and medical assistance for women who are dying of childbirth," stated Astrel Dolne, Deputy of Aux Caye.

United Nations’ Statistics say that 600,000 Haitians are still without shelter, General population is extremely vulnerable and faces food insecurity and the threat of cholera.  The Cholera death toll in Haiti has neared 6,500 over the past year.

UNITED SIKHS' observed that sanitation and the provision of safe water was a national priority. It takes 5 liters of well water to make 1 liter of clean bottled water. An average Haitian family uses 5 gallons of water per day. Almost 70 percent of the available fresh water gets used for irrigation in agriculture.
Luna Charles, UNITED SIKHS' relief coordinator in Haiti, worked diligently with locals to build the water treatment plant. The Deputy, City Mayor, Police Chief, Justice for Peace and Inspector of Education attended the opening ceremony in Aux Cayes. UNITED SIKHS was honored with the Haitian National flag for its continuous humanitarian relief effort in the country. Amritpal Singh, Sikh Aid national coordinator, received the National Flag.
"If you ever need any assistance in regards to security, we will be at your service for any future projects. Thank you,"said Lundi, Director of Police.

"Your organization is welcome in our country. If you need any assistance our office will support you 100 percent," said Ernst Voltaire, Mayor of Torbeck
"The Haitian people would like to extend their hands to say thank you to UNITED SIKHS for sponsoring a water treatment plant and compound for the community in Aux Cayes, " said Jeudy Fenel, Inspector of Education.


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