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Shoot of Punjabi movie ‘Lukan Michi’ starts

Lukan-Michi-shoot-startNov 15, 2018 (Yes Punjab News)

This has been the best year for Punjabi cinema. So many masterpieces have been produced in this year. And with the year 2019 just 2 months away, so many awesome movies have already been announced. One such film which will surely raise the level of Punjabi cinema to the next level is Preet Harpal and Mandy Takhar starrer Lukan Michi.


Recently, the shoot of the film has started and star cast of Lukan Michi shared the pictures on their social media accounts. Along with the main leads, Amrit Aulakh, Karamjit Anmol, BN Sharma, Sardar Sohi, Nirmal Rishi, Harby Sangha, and many new faces will also be there. The story of the film is written by Raju Verma. M Hundal will helm this project. Bumbal B Productions are venturing into producing films with this movie. Canada-based reputed NRI businessmen Avtar Singh Bal and Bikram Bal are producers of Lukan Michi.


At the mahurat shot, Singer and actor, Preet Harpal said, “I have been on a break for a long time because I wanted a perfect script to work on. And Lukan Michi is exactly what I always wanted to do. Raju Verma has done a great job in writing a gripping tale. The whole star cast is amazing and I am feeling lucky that I have got a chance to share the screen with them. I just hope I will be able to live up to everyone’s expectations.”


Captain of the ship, M Hundal, shared his excitement and said, “I have worked as video director for many songs but I always wanted to direct a full-fledged film. Being on the set of this film, as a director, is like a dream come true. I am so thankful to Avtar Singh Bal and Bikram Bal who have shown faith in me. I just can’t be happier than this and I am sure that we all will work our best to make this project work”.


“It is often said that cinema is the reflection of our society. When you decide to produce a film, it is a great responsibility. So, we tried our best that our film contributes to society and makes people aware of things about the rich past and heritage that we have forgotten. We just hope the audience will love our efforts and shower their blessings and love upon this,” produces of ‘Lukan Michi’ Avtar Singh Bal and Bikram Bal quoted.


Lukan Michi will release in April 2019, the exact date is yet to be revealed.

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