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Internationally acclaimed Punjabi Short Film on witness protection ' Zubaan' releases


Chandigarh, July 4, 2018 (Yes Punjab News)

After winning the accolades and hearts of the audience, and critics at various and prestigious film festivals, the much talked about and appreciated short film in punjabi, 'Zubaan' written and directed by 'Ojaswwee Sharma' featuring the celebrated television face 'Kanwalpreet Singh' released worldwide on 2nd July 2018.


The film has been produced by 'Pinaka Mediaworks' and 'Rolling Frames Entertainment' as has released worldwide on 2nd July 2018 on 'Gemplex' and has been received exceptionally well! 


Film Outline

As a mute shop assistant accidentally witnesses a murder, would he go report the crime or keep to himself and fight his conscious given that there is no clear witness protection policy in place in India.


Kanwal is a mute shop assistant who works in a regular chemist shop in a non-decrepit village. One ordinary salary night as he plans to celebrate the following day by paying obeisance at a Gurudwara and go shopping at the mall with his friend Jagdeep, the night takes the turn for worse. Stopping by as the chain of his cycle comes off to fix it, he happens to witness a murder. Would he go report it despite his disability or fall victim to shoddy probe generally aimed at saving the high ups? The narrative takes place in a small town and follows the protagonist’s state of mind who feels caught between his elderly parents’ insistence on keeping mum (pun intended) and his call of conscious?



Zubaan pans out in a small village in Punjab where a god-fearing mute shop assistant Kanwal works. Post the pay day as he rides his cycle home, he ends up witnessing a murder. A dilemma to report or not the crime to police is what he has to deal with. He gathers courage to reach the station, would he or wouldn’t he report and get the culprits behind the bar takes the story forward. India still awaits a uniform act on witness protection. There have been innumerable cases of witness intimidation – loss of honour, property and even life — in many cases. The film brings out a new side to actor KanwalPreet Singh’s craft who is ably supported by another comic Jagdeep S Lamba who tries an intense act. 


Kanwalpreet's Statement (Actor of Zubaan)

"Zubaan has been a very special film from day one to the release and even post release. As it was very hard for my director to convince me for the kind of character I have done, it is totally opposite my personality. So our faith on each other created magic! His faith on me made me do more than I had thought."


Ojaswwee's Statement (Writer and Director of Zubaan)

"The intention has and had always been to make a film that speaks for itself. I am fortunate that things finally happened and the way Zubaan traveled do much to prestigious festivals. Now it is the film of he audience and the viewers and only they can take it further. I am proud of my team and the people who have been with me and believed from day one! Awards are overwhelming, but the acknowledgement and appreciation that has been pouring in from the viewers cannot match anything in the world at the moment!

Give it a watch."


International Acclaim and Awards

* New Delhi Short Film Festival 2017 (New Delhi)

* Vancouver International South Asian Film Festival (Vancouver - Canada)

* Sikhlens: Sikh Arts & Film Festival 2017 (California)

* NFDC FilmBazaar 2017 at (Goa)

* Haryana International Film Festival 2017 

* EchoFilmFestivals BRICS – EFF BRICS The Russian Federation (Moscow)

* Rajasthan International Film Festival 2018 

* Best Of India Short Film Festival 2018- by ShortsTV US 

* Chandigarh Music & Film Festival 2018 



* "Best Film" at  Rajasthan International Film Festival 2018 - Zubaan

* "Best Director" at  Rajasthan International Film Festival 2018 - Zubaan & The Last Date

* "Best Actor" at Haryana International Film Festival 2017 - Zubaan

* "Special Mention" (Best Film) at New Delhi Short Film Festival 2017 - Zubaan

* "Special Mention" (Best Film & Director) at Chandigarh Music & Film Festival 2018 - Zubaan

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