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Make ‘Yog Nidra’ a part of life to beat stress: Gurumaa



Anandmurti-Gurumaa-7jul16-1-chandigarhChandigarh, July 7, 2016 (Yes Punjab News) 

Letting stress overwhelm us, disease our body and destroy our peace of mind is violence against self, said Anandmurti Gurumaa while addressing a session on ‘Sutras for busting stress’ organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) at its Northern Region headquarters here on Wednesday.


Stress plays havoc with our lives and to live a better life, we must adopt Yogic techniques like Yog Nidra, she advocated. “Letting stress kill oneself is not non-violence. Escape is not an option. While one must create worldly wealth also but before that one must create wealth within. We are here to create more beautiful things around us.”


“Yogic tools like Yog Nidra, which is a state of conscious deep sleep, enhance the sheer quality of our lives. Yog Nidra, an auto suggestive hypnotherapy, raises our level of attentiveness and consciousness. Only a Yogi can be exceptional at what he does. Giving some time to you by way of Yog Nidra can help one find peace within.”


“Deep breathing with 16 breaths a minute is ideal for a peaceful mind. When stressed we must pay attention to our breathing. Any kind of medication or substance abuse to deal with stress leads to more stress. Thus, alcohol, cigarettes, sleeping pills is counterproductive,” she said.


CII Himachal Pradesh State Council, Chairman, Sanjay Khurana said, “Peace of mind evades even the richest having palatial houses, flashy cars and gadgets. Stress is a disease of modern lifestyle making people more cynical and pessimistic. The ancient wisdom of Yoga provides answers to combat stress and enhance quality of life.”


The session witnessed huge participation from industry members and government officials like Lalit Jain, CEO, Baddi Barotiwala Nalagarh Development Association (BBNDA), Government of Himachal Pradesh, Navneet Marwaha, State Drug Controller, Government of Himachal Pradesh, Mr Sanjay Khurana, Chairman, CII Himachal Pradesh State Council, Rajesh Saboo, Vice-Chairman, CII Himachal Pradesh State Council, among others.

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