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Kiran Bedi best equipped to deliver on woman safety: Harsimrat Kaur Badal

Harsimrat Kaur BadalNew Delhi/Chandigarh, February 4, 2015 (Yes Punjab News)

Union Food Processing minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal has urged the people of Delhi to choose a government which could deliver on their aspirations including safety of women.


Addressing a large gathering in favour of Harmeet Singh Kalka at Kalkaji last night, the Union minister said the future development of Delhi was linked with the party which would come to power in the State. "Earlier AAP, which was given an opportunity to rule Delhi, treated the people of the State like guinea pigs. Governance is serious business. You cannot subject people to a trial run and then leave them in the lurch", Mrs Badal said.


Urging people to choose experience, Mrs Badal said BJP chief minister candidate Kiran Bedi had vast administrative experience and could use it to good effect to ensure safety of women. "As a woman she knows what is needed to protect women and has already laid out a plan in this regard".


She said similarly if the people of Delhi choose the BJP they could also avail of the vast experience of Prime Minister Narendra Modi who had already won the confidence of  the entire nation.  She said Modi Sahab had already declared that he had a vision for Delhi. "We should strengthen his hands so that he can implement this vision", she added.


Speaking about AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal, the Union minister said the AAP leader was now resorting to wild promises to woo people. She said instead of doing this, Kejriwal should explain what he had done in his 49 days in power and why he had abandoned the electorate who had reposed faith in him.


Mrs Badal also explained to the people that if they wanted a better future for their children they should repose faith in the BJP. She said as the union government controlled most of the important departments in the Delhi government, it was important that the BJP form the government in Delhi. "This is important to ensure development as well as well as people welfare", she added.


Kalkaji candidate Harmeet Singh Kalka spoke about the development done by him in the constituency during the last one year besides detailing his action plan for the next five years.

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