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Jayanti Natrajan has betrayed the Congress Party: Bajwa

BAJWA/Bajwa-Profile-2-BajChandigarh, January 30, 2015 (Yes Punjab News)

The Punjab Congress Chief Mr. Partap Singh Bajwa today condemned Former Union minister Ms. Jayanti Natrajan for doing the bidding of the same BJP that had coined the term “Jayanthi Tax”.


In a statement, Mr. Bajwa said that this is a deeper political conspiracy undertaken by the BJP on the eve of the Delhi Elections. It appears that the BJP has found evidence of wrongdoing against Ms. Natrajan and are now utilizing that evidence to pressurize Ms. Natrajan to make baseless, motivated and preposterous comments. Mr. Bajwa further questioned the timing of the release of the letter and the press conference and stated that it leaves no manner of doubt that this is in pursuance of a political conspiracy by the BJP.


Mr. Bajwa stated that the statements and comments made by Ms. Natrajan demonstrate sheer political opportunism and hypocrisy and added that Ms. Natrajan was removed as a Union Minister over allegations of corruption. Mr. Bajwa further stated that it is most unfortunate that somebody who had served as a Four Term M.P. in the Rajya Sabha from the Congress Party is making factually incorrect and baseless statements at the behest of her new political masters.


Mr. Bajwa added that the entire rank and file of the Congress Party stands solidly behind our Vice-President Sh. Rahul Gandhi who is a crusader for the rights of the poor, disadvantaged and downtrodden sections of society.

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