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Amarinder reminds Modi of his broken promise to Punjabi farmers in Gujarat

amarinder-singhChandigarh, January 30, 2015 (Yes Punjab News) 

Congress Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha Capt Amarinder Singh today reminded the Prime Minister Narendra Modi about his broken promise to the Punjabi farmers in Gujarat, he had made during a public rally at Jagaraon about a year ago.


He also condemned the Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal for his silence and forgetting the plight of the Punjabi farmers who are being hounded out from Gujarat by use of force and intimidation.


In a statement issued here today, Capt Amarinder said, what to speak of the Gujarat government withdrawing the appeal from the Supreme Court of India against the Gujarat High Court order that was in favour of the Punjabi farmers there, they are now being hounded out by use for force and intimidation.


The former Chief Minister referred to the January 25 incident in Bhuj area of Gujarat where a Punjabi farmer was attacked by the local farmers and the land mafia. The police instead of taking action against those who had attacked the Punjabi farmers booked them for the incident.


He pointed out, Mr Modi during his Jagaraon rally had publicly promised that his government will not press with the appeal in the Supreme Court. He disclosed that not only was the appeal not withdrawn, but the farmers’ accounts have also not been released as these still remain frozen.


Capt Amarinder said, the Gujarat government had already created conditions to force them to flee and when the Punjabi farmers tried to stand their ground, now some local farmers helped by the mafia, goons and police were physically intimidating them by force to ensure that they left.

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