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Obama's successful tour a diplomatic win for Modi: Tarun Chugh

BJP/Tarun-Chugh-Smiling-BJPChandigarh, January 28, 2015 (Yes Punjab)

BJP national secretary Tarun Chugh has hailed the successful tour of US President Barack Obama and termed it as a diplomatic win for honourable prime minister Narendra Modi.


In a press release issued here, Chugh said, Prime Minister's invitation to US President and Obama's acceptance of the same had drawn the attention of entire world towards India and the fruitful tour has established India as an emerging superpower.


This has happened only due to the vision and confidence of the prime minister to take India a step ahead in world politics, he claimed.


The BJP leader said, "Breaking ice on Nuclear Deal between US and India could be termed as high point of Obama's visit and the BJP is more than satisfied at the end result. The warmth shared by both the leaders during the three-day visit has given a new dimension to the relations between India and the United States."


Chugh further told that Prime Minister Modi has shown the world that India has now entered into big league. His diplomatic skills have taken India years ahead in a matter of just 7 months.


"Modi's initiative of extending invitation to President Obama on the Republic Day and his government's well organized summit and other events have added to the prestige and glory of the nation. This would open the gates for huge investments in India which would ultimately result in generation of lakhs of job opportunities for the youth of India", he said.


Chugh observed that The Prime Minister has been delivering more than what he had promised and at a much faster pace. The PM is committed to attract investment from all over the world and make India a destination for Industrial investment and for tourism, he said.


"The big investors, including NRIs, who shunned India till now as far as investment was concerned have now an entirely different image of the country in their minds", the BJP leader said.


BJP national secretary said that President Obama's open and whole-hearted appreciation for the leadership qualities of Prime Minister Modi is in a way Obama's message to the Indian masses that they made a right choice during the Lok Sabha polls last year.


He also claimed that Obama's visit will give a stern message to Pakistan, who will hopefully understand that even the US doesn't stand for what it has been doing.


Chugh observed that US president's body language during the visit, his friendly gestures and important announcements have enthused a new confidence among the Indian industry and trade which has been reflected with the rise of BSE Sensex and Nifty.


He said that it was unfortunate that instead of appreciating the initiatives of the Prime Minister, Congress was trying to find faults regarding this great achievement of Sh.Narendra Modi.  People of the country are wise enough to understand the ulterior motives of Congress behind such attempts and would continue to support the Prime Minister, he concluded.

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