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Amritsar rally has conveyed that days of SAD-BJP govt. are numbered: Capt Amarinder

1Amritsar, January 25, 2015 (Yes Punjab  News)

Congress Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha and local MP Capt Amarinder Singh today thanked and congratulated the party rank and file across the state for the great show of solidarity and unity during the Congress rally here yesterday. He said, the mammoth presence of people in the rally established beyond any doubt that the party was united and strong in Punjab as never before.


In a message to the party workers today he said, “I am touched, overwhelmed and indebted by the love, affection and honour you have bestowed on me by coming from different and distant parts of Punjab, braving fog and cold together, to make the Congress rally a monumental success in this historic town of Amritsar”.


He said, he did not have enough words to thank the workers and leaders who joined the rally to convey a clear and categorical signal for the change of corrupt and incompetent Akali-BJP regime in Punjab.


The Congress leader said, the rally had unnerved all the opponents like Akali-BJP who by now must have seen the writing on the wall that their days are numbered. “Let them have no doubts about that this was our declaration of final battle against you to ensure that you are out of Punjab sooner than later”, he said, adding, “let me also add that their time is up and they can no longer continue to befool people of Punjab anymore”.


Thanking and congratulating the party leaders and workers for the great show of unity and strength, Capt Amarinder said, he has received hundreds of calls since yesterday over the success of the rally. “This has not only imbibed a sense of pride and fresh enthusiasm among the Congress cadres, but also strengthened their resolve to fight to the finish to see the regime change in Punjab”.

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