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SAD-BJP govt. obstructing mass mobilisation for Amritsar rally: Congress leaders

Rana-Gurjeet-congressAmritsar, January 22, 2015 (Yes Punjab News) 

Senior Congress leaders involved in the arrangements for organising party rally here on January 24 today alleged that the Akali-BJP government was creating hassles and hurdles for them in every manner.


“Be it intimidating the bus operators and threatening them not provide buses to the hostile attitude of the local administration, the Akali-BJP government is trying its best not to allow people to reach here”, the party leaders said in a joint statement issued here today.


Rally coordinator Rana Gurjeet Singh, senior leaders OP Soni, Sukh Sarkaria, Dr Raj Kumar Verka, Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa, Gurjeet Aujla and Rajeev Bhagat disclosed that they have been receiving complaints from the workers that they were being harassed and discouraged at every level by the police and administration.


The government seems to have got panicky over the massive response from the public which is going to turn out into a mammoth rally of more than one lakh people on Saturday, they said, adding, this apparently seems to be the only reason for the administration to create hurdles.


The Congress leaders warned the officials against playing into the hands of the Akali-BJP leaders. “Governments do not last forever so beware lest you may not be able to face us tomorrow”, the party leaders warned. They said, majority of officials were expressing their helplessness as they had strict instructions to cause and create all possible hurdles so that people are not able to reach the venue.


“We are maintaining the record of each and every official whatever way he or she behaved with our workers”, they disclosed, adding, the Akali-BJP must not get panicky over the Congress rally as it was being organised against the problem of drug addiction which has hit everybody irrespective of his party affiliations. 

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