1:08 pm : 29.May.2016

Bir Devinder Singh mourns demise of Dara Singh

Patiala, July 12 (YP Bureau)

Former Deputy Speaker, Bir Devinder Singh has expressed shock and mourned the death of legendary figure Rustam-e-Hind Sh. Dara Singh in Mumbai today.


In a release issued here today, Bir Devinder Singh said, Sh.Dara Singh rose to international fame in the field of Wrestling by defeating Champion King Kong in the Common Wealth and Lou Thesz (America) in the World Cup Wrestling Championship. He retired from the professional wrestling in 1983 and he was never defeated till then. Dara Singh indeed lived immaculately clean life and remained exceptionally benevolent all through his life.

The former deputy speaker recalled that Sh. Dara Singh ventured in to acting in 1962 and played number of characters, which epitomized physical strength and masculinity. The role of Hanuman played by Dara Singh in TV series of epic ‘Ramayana’ can never be forgotten and had left indelible imprint in the memory of millions of people. The veteran wrestler played the role of Hanuman, with such intensity of conviction and faithfulness that people visualize him as the real face of the holy Godly man.


While expressing deep sorrow Bir Devinder Singh offered condolences in this hour of grief with the grieving family members of Sh. Dara Singh. He said that he stands in complete solidarity with all those millions of people who are in the state of mourning on this great loss of Punjab and India.