9:01 am : 1.Jun.2016

‘Boy friend’ arrested for killing GNDU girl student at Amritsar

Amritsar, July 7 (YP Bureau)
Amritsar Police have solved the case of murder of Preeti Attri, a student of GNDU and a resident of Dina Nagar. This seems to be a case of a triangular ‘Love Story’ gone wrong.

A youth, Ravi Kumar, said to be ‘boy friend’ of Preeti has been arrested. Ravi allegedly killed Preeti out of suspicion and desperation.

R P Mittal, Commissioner of Police, Amritsar confirmed that Ravi, a 22 year old youth, has confessed having murdered Preeti.

Talking to ‘Yes Punjab’ Mittal said that Ravi has been arrested from his village Lohgarh near Dina Nagar, in the district of Gurdaspur. The sharp-edged weapon used for assault has also been recovered from near a Textile Institute located near Chherata. Ravi is also a student, doing a Diploma at above Textile Institute.

Preeti, a student of B.Sc. (Honours) Physics, was killed on 4th of July at about 7.00 pm in Kabir Nagar, a locality situated opposite Guru Nanak Dev University. She was living in a Paying Guest House (PG). Some children who were witness to the crime had told the Police that a youth who was going with and talking to Preeti had suddenly attacked her with a sharp-edged weapon and slit her throat. She succumbed to her injury while being taken to a hospital.

Even as Police were investigating the day-light murder, Praful Attri, the father of the girl provided them with a vital clue by telling that the mother of the girl had received calls over her phone from some unidentified caller that her daughter was being misguided by someone and they need to have a check.

Mittal told that Ravi has confessed that he and Preeti were in love but of late she had started liking another boy Rishabh and he could not approve of her relation with Rishabh. Rishabh is also from Dina Nagar.

To get Rishabh out of life of Preeti he had tried various things which included sounding a word of caution to her mother. For this he had called the mother of Preeti 3.30 am to tell her that her daughter, who was at her home then, was not there at the roof-top. Preeti’s mother checked the information but found it wrong as Preeti was sleeping on the roof-top.

Later when Preeti returned to her PG on Wednesday, looking for her Ravi went to her PG but the servant at the PG told him that she had not arrived. Actually, Preeti was at the PG but had told the servant not to tell Ravi about her arrival.

Ravi then again called her mother that their daughter had not reached Amritsar and was not present in the PG. The mother again called Preeti who told her that she was very much in the PG.

Mittal told that Preeti met Ravi in the evening outside the PG where they had an altercation over their relation after which Ravi first injured his arm with the sharp-edged weapon but ultimately attacked Preeti brutally and fled from the scene