5:43 pm : 27.May.2016

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Raja Kandola Ice-Drug Case : Sukha Gakhal of 'Sukh Sagar Entertainers' Arrested


LATEST - 200 Cr Ice Drug Case – NRI Kingpin Raja Kandola Arrested - To read, click the link - http://bit.ly/QAMfjd

H S Bawa
Jalandhar, June 23-

Jalandhar police have arrested Sukhwant Singh Gakhal alias Sukha Gakhal of Sukh Sagar Entertainers in the infamous case of recovery of 200 Cr of Ice-Drug. He is supposed to be one of the members of Raja Kandola’s Network.


Raja Kandola, an NRI is absconding as yet even as his partners in crime including his wife, his son and various confidants including a IT professional girl from Delhi have already been arrested.  The Police had earlier arrested Tony Tootian Wala, another important conduit in this network.


Sukha Gakhal, who has been a student leader in in one of the colleges in Jalandhar is considered close to a top Congress leader from Haryana who had been associated with Youth Congress also.


Sukha is also considered close to one of the youth leaders of Jalandhar Congress. The leader who himself had been involved in a case of murder was one of the ticket seekers from an important semi-urban constituency of Jalandhar for last Vidhan Sabha Elections.


Sukha Gakhal had been operating a Cultural Group under the name and style of ‘Sukh Sagar Entertainers’ and the Group had been performing in India as well as abroad.


A source in the police told that Sukha Gakhal used to supply Ice-Drug in India and abroad under the garb of his cultural troupe.


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