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Speaker Rana KP Singh calls for restraint over Amritsar terror attack

Rana KP SinghChandigarh, November 20, 2018 (Yes Punjab News)

Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker Rana KP Singh today urged all the political parties to exercise restraint on the issue of the Amritsar terror attack.


He appealed to all the political parties across the board to let the investigation agencies do their job.


In an informal interaction with some reporters at his residence here today, the Speaker said, it was a serious matter and any attempt to make political capital out of this situation will not only be unfortunate but disastrous for the state.


He expressed his displeasure over the way certain leaders of various political parties were trying to politicize the event. “This is reflective of the overall decline and degradation in the political discourse that we have seen over past several years”, he said.


“This is a fight we have to fight together against the enemies of the state and the country and there must not be any blame game against anyone”, Rana said, while hoping that the political leaders across the board will show their sagacity and realize the gravity of the situation.


The Speaker pointed out, Punjab was yet to heal the wounds of the dark era of terrorism of 1980s and 90s. “The scars are still there as we lost about thirty thousand innocent lives to that dark era”, he observed, while adding, the disastrous economic situation the state was facing was the result of that era only.


He said, although the challenge was serious, yet it was not difficult to defeat the designs of those behind such incident. “Their aim is to sabotage the hard earned peace and we must not do anything that will help our enemies in sabotaging our peace”, he said.


Rana said, Punjab has always been at the forefront to defend the nation against all the enemies and Punjabis have always laid down immense sacrifices for the same. “And we are faced with yet another challenge and we will face it successfully for which the need of the hour is unity and restraint”, he remarked.

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