4:54 am : 16.Feb.2019
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Majithia accuses state Govt for absolute complacency in handling the growing unrest in Punjab

Bikram Singh MajithiaChandigarh, Nov 17, 2018 (Yes Punjab News)

The high alert by the " Intelligence Agencies" in Punjab are a direct indicator that the dark days of militancy are hovering on the state and radical elements were targeting, to destabilise the state. Said Former Minister Bikram Singh Majithia here today.


Accusing the state government for being totally lax on handling the law and order situation in the state, Majithia said "the state government has absolutely ignored the home ministers statements on declining law and order situation in the state but had become even oblivious to the warning of the  Army Chief Mr Rawat that " the situation in Punjab was fragile" .He further regretted that declining law and order situation would re- lapse into an dark era of militancy .


Dubbing the congress party for duping the electorate of the state by making false promises he regretted that " instability in the state was the main deterrent for non investment in the state by private sector leading to economic repercussions .


He said that it was most "unfortunate " for the people of Punjab who had witnessed enough trauma and bloodshed.The SAD had worked for ushering in peace and communal harmony .


He also reminded that it was SAD which in a decade had strived to work for the betterment of the state and had controlled militancy with a " firm hand" never compromising on the interests of the state."He said that a decade of peace and harmony had translated into prosperity and employment for the youth of the state.


Hitting at the state government for total complacency on being firm and committed , he applauded the people of the state who had demonstrated more maturity for not triggering on sensitive issues and maintaining peace in the state while the state government was pursuing a policy of divide and rule and in practice ruining the state eventually. " we will not let Punjab be pushed into an dark era of instability and chaos" he reiterated.

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