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Congress regime in Punjab worst phase for common man - Majithia

majithiaChandigarh, October 17, 2018 (Yes Punjab News)

Dubbing the Congress Regime in the State as the worst phase for the common man Former Minister Mr Bikram Majithia rued that the cabinet decision of the state government will crush the common man. 


Lambasting the Chief Minister Mr Amrinder Singh for " volte face" of his promises made to the voters of Punjab Majithia alleged that " the hike in stamp duty and 17 other items will kill the back bone of the common man who is already paying exorbitant amount in form of taxes." 


Ironically the Chief Minister in the meeting today admitted that the petrol , diesel and electricity were the highest in comparison to our neighbour Haryana however his loop sided logic is to generate more revenue while suffocating the lower and middle strata of society in the state. 


Majithia reminded the Chief Minister that it was unfortunate that such insensitivity was being demonstrated in the festive season when the common man tries to put his budget together to buy for his family. 


Regretting that people of the state have been taken for a complete ride by the present regime Majithia said that the congress party has absolutely crushed the economy of the state and has done nothing since it came into power for the poor. Its a party of the rich and the interests of the rich are taken care of rued Majithia. 


What is the logic of hiking the power bills? The CM should be reminded that it was during the SAD rule that the state made huge strides in setting up power plants and the state became surplus in generating electricity. " today people like Manpreet Badal want to suck the blood of the poor man in the name of raising up resources " 


Majithia dubbed the decision of the cabinet meeting as anti poor, lacking in  vision and totally irrational. He also reminded that the last revision was done in 2009 as the SAD always stood for the poor and common man. " we are a party of the common man we understand the difficulties one faces due to economic duress" he said.

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