1:20 pm : 20.Nov.2018
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Capt Amarinder led Punjab Govt releases Rs. 575 cr for development projects, retiral benefits

Capt AmarinderChandigarh, September 14, 2018 (Yes Punjab News)

Led by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, the Punjab Government on Friday released funds to the tune of Rs. 575 crore towards pending payments for various development projects and pro-people initiatives.


An official spokesperson said the Government has released Rs. 125 crore to the Department of Local Government and Rs. 50 crore to Governance Reforms, along with Rs. 200 crore on account of retiral benefits up to July 15, 2018.


A sum of Rs 200 crore has also been released against Power subsidy, in line with the Chief Minister’s vision and commitment, said the spokesperson.


The funds released to the Governance Reforms departments would be utilized to provide citizen centric services to the people in a time-bound manner, while the Local Government would spend the funds to provide best civic amenities under urban development projects.


It may be recalled that the Chief Minister had already issued directives to all the departments for ensuring fiscal prudence and management by taking austerity measures to overcome the financial problems inherited from the previous government.

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