9:27 pm : 19.Nov.2018
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Jakhar slams Akali Dal for trying to bruise Sikh psyche by holding rally at Faridkot

Sunil JakharChandigarh, September 13, 2018 (Yes Punjab News)

President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee and Lok Sabha MP Mr. Sunil Jakhar today said that Akali Dal was further trying to bruise the Sikh psyche by holding a rally in Faridkot/ Kotakpura rather than apologizing for the heinous crime of firing on innocent at Behbal Kalan.


In a statement issued here today, the Lok Sabha MP said that this decision clearly reflects the arrogant attitude of Akali leadership which was trying to challenge the Sikhs by organising show of strength rather than apologising for their misdeeds. He said that by holding this show of strength Sukhbir was trying justify firing at Behbal Kalan/ Kotakpura and killing of innocent Sikhs.


Mr Jakhar said that Sukhbir, who was the Home Minister of state, when the firing took place at these places should have apologized for this grave sin done about three years ago. But Mr. Jakhar bemoaned that instead of it the Akali leadership was trying to challenge the Sikhs by holding rally at Faridkot, which was unethical.


Lok Sabha MP said that Sukhbir’s modern Akali Dal has already inflicted a major blow on Sikh psyche by firing on innocents at the Bargadi and now this rally would further rub salt into the wounds of the Sikhs. He said that incidents of sacrilege and then firing at Behbal Kalan have already hurt the sentiments of Sikhs. Mr. Jakhar said that now when the Sukhbir and his coterie have announced to hold a rally at Faridkot the situation would be taken as a direct insult by Sikhs who would take it as a direct challenge to their pride.


The Lok Sabha MP asked the Sukhbir and his cronies to desist from playing with fire as Sikhs would not tolerate any such insult. He said that it was a fact that the simmering anger amongst the Sikhs has today turned into hatred against Sukhbir Singh Badal and his henchmen. Mr. Jakhar also questioned the silence of former Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal on all these incidents which have caused irreparable damage to Sikh panth.


The Lok Sabha MP questioned that why senior Badal who was well versed with Sikh ethos and traditions was a mute spectator to all these misdeeds of Sukhbir and his coterie who flouted all the norms and traditions of Sikh religion. Mr. Jakhar also asked the senior Akali leadership to not vindicate the misdeeds of Sukhbir by sharing stage with him during the rallies.

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