9:02 pm : 19.Nov.2018
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Cheese Making Units raided by Food Safety Team, Three Samples Collected For Analysis

Cheese-Making-Units-raid-NawanshahrNawanshahr, August 13, 2018 (Yes PUnjab News)

Under Mission Tandrust Punjab and as per the directions of Mr. Kahan Singh Pannu Commissioner food and drug, food safety team comprising Mr. Manoj Khosla Assistant Commissioner food and Sangeeta Sehdev food safety officer today conducted raids on the Cheese manufacturing unit and other dairies at Nawanshahr and took 3 samples of paneer for analysis.


Divulging the details Manoj Khosla said that Mission Director Mission Tandarust Punjab,  Kahan Singh Pannu had directed the persons department to ensure the culprits indulged in the adulteration of milk and milk products to be checked intensively. Khosla advised to paneer manufacturing units to manufacture good quality paneer having 50% of milk fat on dry basis and warned them not to use any harmful acid for precipitation of milk other than sour milk/ lactic acid/ citric acid for preparation of paneer.


Food Safety officer Sangeeta Sehdev said some food business operators are supplying/ manufacturing substandard and low quality paneer to the public instead of good quality paneer and playing fraud with the public by charging higher rates. She said that strict action would be taken against the delinquents and low quality paneer will be seized and destroyed and cases will be launched as per law.

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