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Chandigarh activist Prabhloch Singh addresses Human Rights Summit 2016 at UN HQs

Prabhloch SinghRed turban at UNHeadquartersChandigarh, September 7, 2016 (Yes Punjab News)

Prabhloch Singh, Founder of “Middle Finger Protests”, also known as “Human Rights Protection Group”, has returned from the 13th Annual International Human Rights Summit 2016 held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.


The summit was organized by the "Permanent Mission of Guatemala to the UN", "Permanent Mission of Panama to the UN", "Africa Diaspora Foundation", "Artists for Human Rights", "Ferguson Humanitarian Foundation International", "Human Rights Department, Church of Scientology International", and "Irving Sarnoff, Friends of the United Nations".


Prabhloch met the Dr. Mary Shuttleworth, President – Youth for Human Rights International and lauded her contribution in the field of human rights education.


The activist from Chandigarh received an opportunity to address the delegatations from over 41 countries.


In his speech Prabhloch mentioned that since he was not a politician, he didn’t know who a particular piece of disputed territory belonged to, but he believes that the people living on that disputed territory have the right to live with dignity.


Prabhloch also spoke about civil rights with respect to atrocities against Dalits and about the pending justice in the 1984 riots case. He apprised foreign delegations about the Sippy Sidhu murder case, in person, separately.


The purpose of the summit was to bring together movers and shakers whose human rights activism and advocacy has made a difference to represent their countries. There were a total of 160 qualified applications from around the world out of which 50 were selected to represent their respective countries.


Prabhloch had met Chandigarh’s MP Kirron Kher just before his UN visit in which they discussed various social welfare ideas and initiatives on which the organization was looking forward to work upon.

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