10:28 pm : 22.Dec.2014
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Is Gangster Sukha Kahlwan dead? – Jalandhar Police eager to solve the mystery

DeadJalandhar, October 4 (YP Bureau)
Is notorious criminal and gangster Sukha Kahlwan dead or is he still alive?

That definitely is a million dollar question, much so for Jalandhar Police, who have something to do with the gangster.

To get out of the dilemma, concerning the death of diehard gangstger, Jalandhar Police are gearing up to go to Hissar.


A Jalandhar Police team, armed with all the facts and relevant information connected to cases against Sukha Kahlwan, is expected to embark within two days and would try to establish the loose ends of the story.

Sukha’s death case has been hogging the headlines for the last few days. Gangster Yamin, who had been apprehended by Hissar police, had revealed that he murdered Sukha with the help of some of his relatives and threw his body in river Yamuna.

Jalandhar Rural police have also received reports in this regard.

Interestingly, when Hissar police started investigating the case, they came to know that Sukha had escaped from the hands of his alleged killers. 


Thrown in Yamuna, persuming to be dead, he survived and had to be hospitalised, sources said. He neither told the police or the hospital authorities anything about an attack on him neither gave a clue regarding the assailants and slipped out of the hospital as soon as he got an opportunity.  

But the whole story is still shrouded in mystery. Jalandhar Rural police is very much on tenterhooks in this case. To ascertain more facts its team shall is going to Hissar and Kanpur within 1-2 days so as to verify whether Sukha  is dead or alive.

Sukha, a history-sheeter has number of cases registered against him at Jalandhar.

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