11:50 pm : 30.May.2016

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Manmohan Singh should own responsibility of scams

ManoranjanKaliaJalandhar, August 17 (YP Bureau)


B.J.P. National executive Member and Spokesman B.J.P. Punjab Mr. Manoranjan Kalia has said that the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should resign after the Comptroller Auditor General Of India (C.A.G.) has unearthed loss to the Exchequer of Rs 1.86 Lack Crore due to private block allot ties of Coal, as this scam is even more then 2 G Spectrum allocation scam.


Similarly in the Delhi Air Port Rs 3415 Crore and undue benefit to Reliance Power of Rs 29033 crores. Really a series of scams have been unearthed by CAG. Mr. Kalia has further said that the scams have put the Indian’s in dilemma in regard to the loss to Exchequer.