10:08 am : 26.May.2016

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Neglect of Punjabi in Panjab University not tolerable : Maluka seeks intervention of VP

panjab-university-262 mChandigarh, August 17 (YP Bureau)
The Punjab Education & Languages Minister Mr. Sikander Singh Maluka today took a serious notice of cancellation of entrance exam of M.Phil submitted in Punjabi medium by Panjab University, Chandigarh and sought the intervention of Vice-President Mr. Hamid Ansari who is also the Chancellor of University to reverse this anti-Punjabi decision.

Mr. Maluka said that this was a dangerous and strange decision against Punjab and Punjabi language that reflects systematic plan to decimate Punjabi language in the Capital of Punjab itself. He said that the Punjab government would not tolerate neglect of Punjabi language by Panjab University, which was being provided 60% financial aid by the state government. He said that Punjab has full right on Panjab University and protection of Punjabi language was the duty of University Administration. He pointed out that even the Country’s highest administrative job test Civil Services was also being allowed in Punjabi medium too.

Demanding intervention of the Vice President Mr. Hamid Ansari, who was also the Chancellor of the University, he categorically said that the Punjab government would never tolerate discrimination with Punjabi language and the University would have to withdraw this anti-Punjabi language decision. He said that the University students have every right to appear in any examination in their mother language.

The Education Minister said that taking in view the seriousness of the issue SAD MPs from Punjab would soon call on Prime Minister to impress on this issue.