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Officers’ Lounge for Officers and Journalists visiting Punjab Police Headquarters

pun2Chandigarh, August 14 (YP Bureau)

The Punjab Police has set up an Officers’ lounge at its headquarter on 6th floor adjoining Conference Hall to facilitate Police officers and Journalists visiting Police headquarters regarding their appointments with senior officers.


According to an official spokesman, this lounge would have facilities like LCD, Computer with internet connection, printer, scanner, photostat, mobile charging and Newspapers/Magazines.


Besides this, Beverages and food & snacks would be available on payment basis. An EPABX has been installed at the lounge to contact senior officers stationed at PPHQ.


The spokesman said that this lounge would also give an opportunity to the Journalists and Officers from the field to interact with each other. This lounge would be operational from 16th August, 2012. The purpose of creating this facility was to provide a space for officers visiting headquarters and utilize their time while waiting for their turn to meet senior officers.