11:31 am : 24.May.2016

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Dismal show of Punjab in Olympics : Khaira seeks Sukhbir’s resignation

Jalandhar, August 13 (YP Bureau) 

Citing dismal performance of sportsmen from Punjab in London Olympics, Punjab Congress has demanded the resignation of Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal, who also happens to be the Sports Minister of the State.

Addressing a press conference here, Congress leader and former Bholath MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira also urged the deputy chief minister to deposit the entire expenditure incurred on his entourage to London and back in public exchequer.

Khaira said that Sukhbir should own moral responsibility for the utter failure of Punjab in the Olympics and resign forthwith.

“The Sports Minister Sh. Sukhbir Badal must resign forth with, he should also quit as President Hockey Federation Punjab. He should follow the example set by the coaches of Indian Archery and Hockey teams who have owned up the failure of their teams and so should Sh. Sukhbir Badal do.


The congress also urges the Junior Badal to deposit back into the public exchequer complete expenses incurred by the Punjab delegation in London, as it only makes mockery of the austerity measures being adopted by the Punjab government”, he said.

Hailing Indian sportsmen for improving India’s medal tally in the London Olympics, the former MLA said that the sportsmen from Punjab figured nowhere on the scene.

He said that states like Haryana and Himachal Pardesh have brought laurels to India with their sportsmen shining in London. Sh. Gagan Narang, Ms Sania Nehwal, Sh. Sushil Kumar, Yogeshwar Dutt did Haryana proud whereas Sh. Vijay Kumar and Mary Com hailing from small states like Himachal Pradesh and Mizoram did their states proud.

Khaira said that the failure of sportsmen from Punjab clearly reflects on the poor sports policy of the state government and its Minister Sh. Sukhbir Badal adding that although Sh. Sukhbir Badal has been shouting from the roof tops for having brought a new sports policy and having created new sports stadiums and infrastructure, our performance has been miserable not only in Olympics but the National games as well.

Citing the shameful defeat of Indian Hockey team, Khaira said, “The event of Hockey which is largely dominated by players from Punjab was the worst hit with the team ending up last on the charts, so was the case with the shooters from Punjab. The failure in London also confirms various reports that the youth of Punjab are on to drugs in a big way”.

Khaira alleged that, “To further rub salt on the wounds of Punjabi’s Sh. Sukhbir Badal opted to proceed to London with his entourage after the flop show of its players. The so called delegation is in London not to cheer up its players but to have fun and extravaganza at the cost of the public exchequer”.