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Bhavneet Singh Vicky comes up with Shabad Gurbani Album ‘Maula Khel Kare Sab Aape’

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Jalandhar, August 7 (YP Bureau)
The divine words of ‘Gurbani’ will once again reverberate in the ears of the worshipers all over the country. Bhavneet Singh (Vicky) has come up with the soul touching Shabad Gurbani tracks in his latest music album ‘Maula Khel Kare sab Aape’. The album features soulful tracks, great to mediate with, listen at work or any other time.

The ‘Maula Khel Kare Sab aape’ by Bhavneet Singh (Vicky) stands for ambitious, melodic harmony of sincere emotions.


The album has eight tracks in total and all the tracks effectively fulfill the meaning implied in its title. The first track is the title track of the album which states that one should ‘Believe In God’ and should not lose the faith in him even in the unfortunate times. This track is one of the most touching song as the words are very mesmerizing.


The track ‘guru ka Darshan Dekh Dekh Jeevan’ is another gripping track which just takes you away from this world into the world of Heaven. The track has the core meaning which says that God understands our prayers even though we can’t find correct words to express. Other tracks like ‘So Kich kar Jit mail na laage’ , ‘Sat Sangat Mile so taarya mere Madho G’ and ‘Mil Mere Pritama Jiyo’ are also soulful melodies in the name of Guru Granth Sahib.


This album is exclusively presented by ‘God’s Grace’ and all these hymns of Gurbani are sung by Bhavneet Singh aka Vicky Ahuja. The album is truly heart touching with each track illustrating a divine meaning. Bhavneet Singh (Vicky) has sung each track beautifully in his soulful voice which would simply enthrall the one listening to the hymns.

Sarna Bhavneet Singh


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