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Capt Amarinder condemns attack on US Gurdwara

amarindersinghChandigarh, August 6 (YP Bureau)
Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee President Capt Amarinder Singh Monday condemned the attack on a Gurdwara in Wisconsin in the United States hoping that the US government will punish the guilty at the earliest.
Expressing shock and grief over the Sunday incident, when six devotees were killed in the attack while several others injured, Capt Amarinder said, it has shocked the entire community world over. He said, the Sikhs are a peace loving community who believe in service to the humanity and it was tragic and unfortunate that they were targeted in such a dastardly manner.

Appealing to the US authorities to ensure that the guilty are brought to the book, the PCC President said, it was important to restore the faith of the ethnic minorities like the Sikhs staying there.    

Amarinder said, it was a highly condemnable act and needed to be thoroughly probed and investigated. He said, it was unfortunate that people get so wantonly killed in a country like US which was quite a disturbing thing.


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