11:30 pm : 28.May.2016

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Punjab government working extra-hard to drive away industry from the State : Youth Congress


Jalandhar, August 4 (YP Bureau)

Youth Congress has alleged that the SAD-BJP government has been working extra-hard to drive away industry from the State.


Kaku Ahluwalia, president of Youth Congress Lok Sabha, Jalnadhar, in a press release today said that the government claiming to make Punjab an Industrial State is actually discouraging industrialists and making them flee the state by closing their units.


He said that even after raising the power tariff by 12 percent the government has not been able to provide power to industry. The Hand tools industry is getting power for only 11 hours a day, he added.


YC leader said that due to unavailability of power the industrialists have to use diesel to keep their units running and the laborers are facing problem as they are not getting enough work.  


Kaku Ahluwalia said that Punjab government has been blaming center for all its failures. He said that instead of blaming center the government should reduce VAT on petrol to make its rate at par with the neighboring states and Chandigarh.  


“The Youth Congress plans to organize district level protests if the VAT on petrol is not reduced”, he said.