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Result of Punjab State Weekly Lottery - Held on April 09, 2014

Punjab-Lottery-PunLudhiana, April 9, 2014 (YP Bureau)

The Result of Punjab State Weekly Lottery held here on April 9, 2014 is out now.

There was one first prize of Rs. 5 lakh which has gone to ticket no.10-16588.

Two second prizes of Rs. 1 lakh each have gone to ticket nos 11-33305 and 10-34054.

Draw for two third prizes of Rs. 50,000 each and five fourth prizes of Rs. 10,000 each was also held.

There were 10 fifth prizes of Rs. 5,000 each.

Twenty lucky winners would get 6th prizes of Rs. 2,000 each.

Two Thousand winners would get 7th prize of Rs. 100 each.

Twenty thousand prizes of Rs. 40 each were also drawn.

YesPunjab.com brings you the complete result.