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'Remembering 40 Muktas' : Mukte Minar at Muktsar, a complete picture of government neglect

Mukte-Minar-Muktsar-PunMuktsar, Jan. 17,2014–

Mukte Minar, 81 feet Khanda (a double-edged sword) with 40 rings around it, is a complete picture of government neglect.

The memorial was dedicated to the 300 years of the martyrdom of the 40 Muktas and was inaugurated by the then chief minister Captian Amrinder Singh, near the district administration complex, on May 4, 2005.

According to sources, around 5 crore were spent on its construction and used 150 tonnes of concrete and 13 tonnes of stainless steel.

Though the memorial is located on the crossing of the main Muktsar-Bathinda and Malout roads, most of the people seem to be unaware of its existence.

The building has been neglected needs repair as tiles from the walls are falling apart at many places. Even the water taps at the main entrance of the memorial have been allegedly stolen now.

During the Maghi Mela on January 14, lakhs of devotees were in the city to pay their obeisance at the historical Gudwara and to take a holy dip at the sarovar (tank), and thousand others attended the political conferences of the Akali dal, Congress and Sanjha morcha, but hardly anyone visited Mukte Minar.

"Though Maghi Mela is observed in the memory of 40 Muktas, but no politician or any other visitors visit this place," said Gursewak Singh, a local resident.

Punjab chief minister Prakash Singh Badal with the then president of the SGPC, Bibi Jagir Kaur, had laid the foundation stone of a martyrs memorial outside the Tibbi Sahib Gurdwara, dedicating it to the 300 years of the martyrdom of 40 Muktas.

However, even after eight years, no brick has been laid.

Muktsar DC Parmjeet Singh was not available for his comments

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