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Ludhiana Industrialist 'mystery kidnapping' solved : Police recovers Ransom, arrests accused

Munish Barara LudLudhiana, July 16, 2013 (YP Bureau)

The kidnappers of Ludhiana Industrialist Munish Brara turned out to be smart enough to kidnap a renowned and affluent industrialist and extract ransom from the family but Punjab Police and the family proved to be much smarter.


In what could be described as a laudable, successful and error-free operation under the meticulous planning by some top-bracket officers of the force, the police have not only cracked the case but recovered the ransom paid for the safe return of Brara and arrested some accused.


Though, it's not confirmed but a top-level source in the police force revealed that the revealations in the case would be quite stunning. 


"The kidnapping episode was not a handiwork of some gang or mafia, it was not by an 'insider' but it was by someone so close to the family that it would be hard to believe for the people", he said.


Another source claimed that DGP Sumedh Saini personally supervised each and everything till the operation ended successfully.


Sources in the police department said that even as the family refused to talk to and face the media and police also claimed that the family had neither complained of nor filed an FIR regarding the kidnapping of their family member, the police were on their job right from the word go.  (Contd.....2)

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