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Ethical hacker Ankit Fadia out with new book to make you digitally sound

Ankit Fadia PunJuly 07, 2013 –

The 14 books that ethical hacker Ankit Fadia, had written so far were just about, well, ethical hacking and cyber security. His 15th, however, claims to improve the quality of your ‘digital life’. Named Faster: 100 Ways to Improve Your Digital Life, Ankit says the book unravels digital tricks that make the internet and your mobile world more accessible.

In Chandigarh on Friday to launch his book, Ankit says, “The book shares easy-to-read, simple tips, tricks and tweaks that will show you how to stretch the limits of technology and make your digital life faster, cooler and more productive. Internet and mobile phones are an integral part of our lives, but rarely do I come across people who are putting technology to its best use; in this book you will find those various possibilities.”

The 300-page book is divided into four main sections —Functionality & Productivity, Look & Feel, Security and Fun Stuff — where each section provides readers with practical tips and tricks. Sharing a few examples, he says, “From faking an incoming call on your phone (to get out of an awkward situation) to blocking calls, from staying invisible on Whatsapp to remembering where your car is parked, from accessing blocked websites to creating a disposable email account — the possibilities are endless.”

Besides the book, Fadia also launched his new tech show, Geek on the Loose, for YouTube’s channel. “Two shows will be uploaded on the YouTube channel every week. It is going to be an online community for my followers and book readers. I will share with them simple tips that allow them to use technology to the fullest while having fun. Within the past few weeks, the show has received 75,000+ views on YouTube,” says he.

Navleen Lakhi - *HT Media Ltd.

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