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She asked for it, God granted it - Death visits Jaswant Kaur at 118

Jaswant Kaur-118-death-wish-punFatehgarh Sahib, April 13 –

Everyone wants to live long but Jaswant Kaur, 118, former sarpanch of Khalaspur village in Bassi Pathana subdivision of this district, had last Sunday expressed her wish to die. God listened to her prayer on Thursday night.

She had thanked the Almighty that she had made the most of her life and now had no fears of death. On Friday, she was cremated at Khalaspur village. Her death shook her son Gurmukh Singh, 100, the most.

The villagers of Khalaspur also grieved for the woman who had served as their sarpanch for five years. Jaswant Kaur led a simple and peaceful life and looked younger than her 118 years. Last Monday, the print media had highlighted the story about her death wish.

The report brought TV journalists and other newspapers that had not covered her to the village. It was a new experience for Jaswant Kaur, and she obliged all with detailed interview with full confidence.

She had shared with this correspondent on Sunday that she had spent most of her time reciting Gurbani and doing 'sewa' (volunteer service) at the village gurdwara. Her parental house was in Rattangarh village of Rupnagar district and among her siblings, she was not the only one who live beyond 100. Her son, Gurmukh Singh, is also a centenarian, which is rare.

Jaswant's other son, Surmukh Singh, died a long time ago. Gurmukh is unmarried and he lived with his mother. With other member of the family, he took good care of her.

Jaswant Kaur claimed that she was 121 but on the Punjab government ration card, her age was 118. By that yardstick, she was born in the year Auguste and Louis Lumiere patented cinematographe, a combination movie camera and projector, which was the advent of cinema. At 12, she married Sarwan Singh of Khalaspur village and gave birth to her first son, Surmukh Singh, after 10 years of it. After six years, she begot a daughter, Hoshiarpur Kaur, and four years down, Gurmukh Singh was born.

Her elder son, Surmukh Singh, married Gurdeep Kaur. Jaswant Kaur lived with the fifth generation of her family that comprised nearly 25 members, most of whom had settled abroad. Her grandson, Jhirmal Singh, called her twice a day from Italy until her death.

Jhirmal's wife, Rajinder Kaur, and her daughter-in-law, Parminder Kaur, lived with Jaswant Kaur, who for the past one year, was on light breakfast and a glass of milk in the night.

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