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Master Karma visits LPU; World renowned philosopher inspires students

Karma-Acharya-lpu-eduJalandhar, January 22, 2015 (Yes Punjab News) 

Philosophizing peace, unity and universal freedom globally in terrorism ridden world, Master Karma Acharya visited Lovely Professional University today.


Addressing LPU students Master Karma Acharya said: "For me India is a great home of all religions and believers. I have learnt from my enlightened gurus to dedicate my life to serve Mother Earth and to protect all the human beings. So I too inspire all for achieving the global unity of all world religions to bring forth oneness of universal love and peace.” Master gave profound teachings and also introduced the practice of divine breathing yoga. 


Elaborating the essence of all religions to LPU students, Master urged students to help the world in finding out everlasting universal brotherhood. Master continued to say:  "Ignorance, misunderstanding, ego-attachment, anger, greediness, jealousy, pride, fear and suffering are our temporary obstacles and have nothing to do with our divine nature, our divine truth, and our divine essence. We are all free to realize and accomplish our divine nature.”


Prior to this, LPU DG Er HR Singla welcomed the spiritual leader for his   benevolence to bless LPU students and staff-members. LPU students also had an interactive session with the Master. Gaining great learning from the world renowned philosopher, students vowed to be global citizens by imbibing human values and practicing tolerance & forgiveness.


Born in the area of holy abode of Lord Shiva ‘Mountain Kailash’, Master Acharya brought along with auspicious signs of peace and unity for the world. At young age, he joined prestigious Sanskrit University in Varanasi and became great scholar of Buddhism, Hinduism and other divine philosophies and teachings. Through his actions, Master shows the most humane and selfless love for all conscious ones. Through his teachings, he encourages everyone to get rid of anger, selfishness and negative emotions. He wants everyone to cultivate the universal loving heart and wisdom of enlightenment.

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