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CT Group of Institutions spreads Smile and Warmth to the needy residents of Suranasi

CT-Institutions-Suranasi1CT-Institutions-Suranasi2Jalandhar, January 9, 2015 (Yes Punjab News)

Going out of their usual way, the management, staff members and students of CT Group of Institutions, Maqsudan and Shahpur Campus distributed warm clothes among the residents of Suranasi, on Friday.


The initiative was organized to donate blankets and woollen clothes for a social cause. Some donated other daily needed products like medicines, biscuits, food grains, ration and other grocery products so that the needy persons can also have a reason to cheer up, this winter season. People are facing tough time with nail biting fog, as Jalandhar recorded a temperature of 2.3 degrees Celsius on Friday. 


“It was a fun-filled day, as we approached Suranasi where we saw many needy and poor families whose faces lit up when they saw us coming with the gifts. We have distributed books, woollen clothes, sweets, food packets and such to the residents in the slum area. The mercury is raising its bar every day, so we feel this must be the right time to donate such woolen essentials to the needy people,” said S. Charanjit Singh Channi (Chairman, CT Group of Institutions).


S. Charanjit Singh Channi said, “We all know that service to God is service to mankind and thus, when we conduct such events, it gives us immense pleasure to see them happy and smile. Not many care to spare a thought for the poor people.” He also thanked the students, staff and management members for contributing the essentials in a great number for donation.

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