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Innocent Hearts College Loharan organized Faculty Development Program on Effective Teaching

Innocent-Hearts-College-FDP-JalandharJalandhar, July 22, 2018 (Yes Punjab News)

Learning is a continuous process and teachers need to arm up themselves to cope up with the challenges of education in this contemporary era. With this motive Innocent Hearts Loharan college organized Faculty Development Program on Effective Teaching Pedagogy.


The workshop was aimed to impart effective teaching and research skills keeping in view that teachers use an array of teaching strategies because there is no single, universal approach that suits all situations. Different sessions were conducted by Mr Ashwini Kohli Senior Vice President, Punjab chamber of small exporters was the experts who enlightened the faculty members about the practices that should be involved for productive and effective teaching.


As effective teaching demands various integrated activities in teaching-learning system therefore, topics like: Essentials of effective research & teaching, Modern teaching tools, Teaching strategies, Importance of Research , types & framing of research problems, Research design in context of Engineering Problems, Pedagogical Analysis were covered. Total of 55 faculty members from various departments got benefitted from the session.


The workshop provided a friendly and learning environment for all the participants and they were highly benefitted from the various sessions conducted. Dr. Shailesh Tripathi Group Director of Innocent Hearts group of Institutions & expressed his warm regards and thanks to Mr Ashwini Kohli and said that we will continue inviting other guest from the related industry to inspire our faculty members.

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